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juDanzy®, formerly known as My Little Legs, was founded in a garage. Yes, it’s true! We began in a garage. Actually, we began in a spare bedroom, then upgraded to a garage before moving into a Florida style sunroom. Before we knew it, we’d outgrown those accommodations and moved back into a larger garage. That garage stay lasted six HOT months until we were large enough to get our own office space. Currently, our distribution center and corporate headquarters are located in Boerne, Texas.

This is still how we operate, start small and grow with our popularity. As moms, we know how to budget so we do everything we can to save money so our savings can be passed on to our customers!

You may know us as that cute little leg warmer company, but we have also expanded into other product lines including, hair bows, hats, socks, footless tights, diaper covers, blankets, bodysuits and dresses. Seeking to better represent our product line and connect with our customers we decided it was time for a name change. So in July 2013, we became juDanzy by blending our two names together and adding a twist.

Since the beginning, we have aspired to offer the best quality materials and provide prompt and courteous customer service. With seven small children between us, we realize the demands of motherhood so we developed a business model that caters to home shoppers and busy moms. Free shipping to our US customers is an added bonus to our very affordable products.

We are always looking for new products to add to our line and welcome suggestions from our customers. We love to include funky, vibrant colors in our collection and we love the soft, classic baby look as well.

We truly value our customers and actively engage with them…asking their opinions on our products and interacting with them daily on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. If we could hand-deliver our products in person, we would. That is how much we love our customers. We believe our customers are part of our team, and we treat them like teammates! Thanks for all your help in making juDanzy® a success. Without you, we would still be in the garage!